Banana pancakes

If you know how to make classic pancakes, you will be impressed by banana pancakes. For these pancakes you only need two ingredients: banana and eggs!


Knead the larger banana with a fork into a single mass (it is good to have some lumps), add two eggs, mix with fork and a mixture of pancakes is ready!
It is recommended that you do not use the mixer because it destroys the composi-tion of the mixture, and those who pepper the pancakes are recommended to add a spoonful of flour to connect the ingredients of the dough the next time.
Bananas should occupy a third of the pan to produce mini pancakes. Bake pan-cakes on butter, for 30 seconds on both sides.
Stack them to one another, creating a smaller tower. Beat them with butter while they are still hot, pour them with honey or chocolate dressing and decorate with berries or some other fruit.
Children will be delighted!


1 larger mature banana
2 eggd
and if you want you can add some flour

Opomba: navedeni odmerek je za eno osebo, spečete lahko od štiri do šest palačink.